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The History of Afghan Cinema from 1946 to the Present Day

    Reshid Latif's Ishq Wa Dosti (1946), Afghanistan's first film.
    Ishq Wa Dosti (Love and Friendship), directed by Reshid Latif, is the first Afghan film production (co-produced with an Indian company).   It stars Ustad Bina and Latif Nashad Malek Khel and is processed in the Huma Film Studios of Lahore.  [MORE] [ADD]

Afghan Film is established to produce documentaries and newsreels about government meetings and conferences. [MORE] [ADD]


– The Afghan Film Organisation building is constructed. [MORE] [ADD]

    Daoud Farani and A. K. Halil’s Rabhi Balkhie, the country’s first feature film, is produced. [MORE] [ADD]

Afghanistan 1974: Other Films of Note




Rozhai dushwar (Wali Latifi) [MORE] [ADD]

    Following the departure of the Soviet occupying forces, the Taliban impose absolute restrictions on films.   Video players and TVs are confiscated and hung from telephone poles.   Cinemas are closed, and fall into disrepair. [MORE] [ADD]

Afghanistan 1996: Other Films of Note




Sev spitak (Black and White) (Tigran Khzmalyan) [MORE] [ADD]


Films of Note




Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin (Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Alberto Vendemmiati) [MORE] [ADD]

  5/9 -

Jawed Wassel’s Fire Dancer is released.   Wassel was murdered by the film’s producer, Nathan C. Powell after a screening of the film in October 1981.   Powell hid Wassel’s head in the refrigerator in his apartment and his body parts in two boxes found in his van.   Powell was later sentenced to 25 years.  [MORE] [ADD]


Afghanistan 2002: Other Films of Note




Chapandaz (Khoda Hafez)  [MORE] [ADD]

    – The government awards $500,000 to the Afghan Film Organisation to support the production of motion pictures. [MORE] [ADD]

Afghanistan 2004: Other Films of Note




Khakestar-o-khak (Atiq Rahimi) [MORE] [ADD]

    Two Legged Horse (2007)


  27/3 -

Shooting on Iranian director Samira Makhmalbaf’s Two Legged Horse is temporarily halted following a bomb explosion – believed to be an attempt on the director’s life – in Sarepol City.  [MORE] [ADD]

  23/9 - Afghan ex-pat Sonia Nassery Cole’s anti-Taliban film The Black Tulip premieres in Kabul to mostly poor reviews. The premiere takes place in the afternoon because to stage it at night is considered too dangerous. Cole also plays the lead role, claiming that Zarifa Jahon, the actress originally lined up to play the part withdrew after the Taliban amputated her feet in reprisal for her role in another anti-Taliban film made in Pakistan.  [MORE] [ADD]


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